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In the year 1979 R & S Army Navy was established and it opened its doors for the very first time. We were selling merchandise out of cartons, and it was flying. Customers needed boots, thermals, socks, and anything they could get to keep themselves prepared for winter.


Demand grew for work apparel, military supplies, and casual sports gear so we were running short on space. Eventually, we bought out the store next door, and started building our business in the new location. It took a lot of work but through the years we have established a strong presence in the community, making ourselves known for the quality of our merchandise and service as well as our very reasonable and highly competitive pricing.


By the year 2000, e-commerce was becoming a serious marketing and sales venue, and went live. Many technical difficulties awaited the new site but after a few false starts, we put together a viable site. Slowly but surely we managed to increase our web presence and advance our site by switching to more advanced software. By 2005 our site was sporting consumer friendly navigation, a neat layout and a modicum of growth. We also expanded our customer base beyond the borders of the United States by offering international shipping. We joined several social Media sites that include Facebook and twitter. We pride ourselves on extremely fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding service


In July of 2012, we’ve upgraded our website software yet again, providing our customers with a new look, an easier and friendlier navigational system and a bigger variety of products to satisfy their demands.


We have been in the business for over 33 years, family owned and operated. Our store is located in Woodhaven NY, a prime retail location that is constantly being promoted by the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation. We have established and are maintaining a strong reputation by offering first-quality work apparel, military tactical gear, sporting goods, an exceptional customer service and great prices.


Whether you are looking for tough work boots, durable work clothes or military gear we are confident that you'll be able to find it in our store as well as on our website. Additionally, if you can't locate it on our site, we'll place a special order for you!

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